Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford to Miss This Investment in 2020


If nothing else is true of the internet, this certainly is: DESIGN IS KING.

Colors can range from vibrant displays with bold colors to sleeker monochromatic looks.

Websites and product designs can be intricate and cutting edge or simple and straightforward.

Videos can be shot and edited on a smartphone to get a more personal tone or be world-class level with professional color grading and sound design.

We can go on and on, but working with businesses in multiple industries, new and established, it remains clear: top-notch visual design is highly valued.


To the wise entrepreneur, this makes sense. In an oversaturated market, due to the ease of entry, businesses must be willing to do what is necessary to not only keep up with the competition. They have to get noticed. Fast.

The practice of getting noticed is why businesses will hire the best graphic designer, videographer or photographer.

They want to look creative and professional.

Getting noticed is why businesses will utilize every social media platform available.

They want to be seen everywhere and by everyone.

The better they present themselves in the spaces their audience frequents, the better chance they have to get their attention. It’s a great business practice.

But this is only the hook.


After gaining their visual attention, the most important step has to take place and it has to take place quickly. If you fail to do this, the hard work in crafting your visual identity and developing a social media platform will be for nothing.

Once they’re on the hook, you must reel them in.

Your business must be able to craft a clear message that matches, or even exceeds the quality of your visual design.

The bulk of your messaging is your copy: the words you use to announce to customers who you are, what you offer, and how you solve their problems.

This can consist of:

  • Website content (homepages, services page, about pages, etc.)
  • Blog posts/Articles
  • Social media posts/photo captions
  • Video Scripts
  • Sales Letters
  • Landing Pages
  • E-mail Newsletters
  • Product Descriptions
  • Speeches/Presentations
  • The list goes on and on….


Whatever your method of delivery, future customers have to be just as attracted to your message as they are to your visuals. While businesses make the wise decision to outsource their visual representation, many will decide to handle their own messaging.

At face value, this is not a bad strategy. You know your business better than anyone, you know why you started the business and you know why you are passionate about your business.

In working with passionate small businesses and entrepreneurs, quite often a critical element gets lost in the mix: the passion and knowledge for their businesses are not being clearly translated in their messaging to their customers.

I see this time and time again. Even if your visual marketing is of the highest quality, if you are not delivering a clear, creative and concise message, you run the risk of setting your business up as one that emphasizes cute over clarity.


Remember this: Design gets them in the door, encourages them to scroll through your website, or press play on your video, but your business can’t afford to service window shoppers. You need customers to see be drawn in by your great visuals and then connect with your business. If you can get them in your space as well as make the connection through your messaging, you are one step closer to seeing them take valuable action. And action from your potential customers is your ultimate goal.


The best way to reach this goal and reach it quickly is by reevaluating your messaging. To get you started, here are five ways small businesses and entrepreneurs can do better with their messaging in 2020.

1. Create a beautiful website or social media platform optimized for quick action

Once you get them in the door, your messaging should prioritize encouraging your customers to make a quick decision. If you have an amazing offer that is perfect for your audience, don’t make them scroll through the page or click through multiple pages on the site to find it. Make it readily available on your homepage and make it clear as to how to take the action.

2. Define your target audience and ignore everyone else

Planning for all people to become your customers is a set-up for message confusion. Take the time to get to know the story of your ideal audience. What pains them and what kind of results do they need? Hone in on them and stay dedicated to this set of potential customers. Once you do, you will be amazed at how much time is saved in determining the direction of your messaging. It then becomes easier to constantly deliver the right message that fuels their desires and brings them to take constant, loyal action.

3. Calm the desire to be everything and instead be great at a few things (ideally one thing)

This is especially true if you are still in the early growth of your business. Though you may have many ideas and be great at everything, your message can become confusing and subpar. It’s like going to a restaurant that serves Italian food, breakfast food, and Asian Cuisine. They may be capable of cooking all of those dishes, but there’s a good chance they won’t be that great (Not naming names, but I’ve had this experience).

But when you go to a restaurant that specializes in one particular area and milks it for all it’s worth, you are almost guaranteed to get a high-quality, authentic meal. This same concept works in your business. If you can effectively relay to your target audience that you are a master of one area, the area in which they need your services, watch your credibility soar.

4. Ensure messaging is less about you and more about your target audience

While knowing your business story is essential and sharing with your audience can be an interesting tactic, the most important story is ALWAYS that of your audience. The words you say shouldn’t convey how great your business is. The words you express should connect on an emotional level with your audience. The words you say and the stories you tell should relate directly to your audience’s struggles and desires to overcome. If your audience believes you truly understand their pains, they will want to dive deeper into the solutions that you can provide.

5. Value and invest in your messaging just as much as you value and invest in design

This should be a foundational piece of your business. This action and frame of mind will help you see the two as separate but equal, working in perfect harmony. Messaging in the design. Messaging in the photo. Messaging in your videos. Just as you invest in professionals designers, photographers and videographers to bring attention to your business, you should do the same for your messaging. Professional copywriters can bring tremendous value to your organization and truly become the X-Factor in connecting with your audience, causing them to take action with your business.


In 2020, your business has the opportunity to level up your marketing and sales by leveling up your messaging. You are a business owner and while you should always own and believe in your messaging, you can be making one of the most pivotal business decisions by partnering with a copywriter.

Your message is too important to get lost in translation. You may have initially felt that you can’t afford to outsource your writing services, but this year don’t underestimate this value. There is potential to increase your reach and sales. Just as important to all overwhelmed or busy entrepreneurs, you also have the chance to increase your productivity.

With these benefits and the ease of implementation, your business can’t afford NOT to invest in your messaging. Stop just letting your brand be seen. It deserves to be heard.

Ready to see what a copywriter can do for your business?

For the month of January (maybe beyond), I am offering free evaluations of one piece of content. This can be a website homepage, a social media post, a blog post/article, product description, or almost anything else you can think of.

Your free evaluation will include a detailed one-page report on what is working and what are some areas of improvement as well as some tips to get it done. Visit me here and get the process started for your business.

If you know you want messaging services for your business, visit to fill out the contact form or feel free to send a direct e-mail to




Creative Writer. Copywriter. Love writing about writing, creativity, productivity, and purpose.

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Terrence Jakes

Terrence Jakes

Creative Writer. Copywriter. Love writing about writing, creativity, productivity, and purpose.

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